Sony, not content to compete in...well, pretty much every segment of consumer and professional technology, has decided to enter the "action camera" arena with their own miniscule device. Sony, being the enormous company that they are, felt they could make a dent in the overwhelming lead that GoPro has in the area of action sports cameras. Sony has certainly made small cameras in the past, but this is the first time that they've built one to be worn specifically as an extreme or action sports camera.

Here's a little bit from the Sony blog about the camera:

The video camera is tiny and lightweight, but it houses Sony’s hallmark SteadyShot® image stabilization technology, Exmor® R CMOS image sensor, and an ultra-wide angle Carl Zeiss® Tessar® lens. That means, whether you’re shredding major powder, jumping out of a plane, or kayaking through an epic waterfall, you’re capturing super high-quality video of it to show off to your family and friends. And there’ll be ruggedized and waterproof housings available so the camera can do its job in even the most extreme environments.

What good would an action sports camera description be without the phrase "shredding major power?" I guess that works as a description for both skiing and snowboarding, so they're just trying to cover all their bases. While GoPro is beginning to add professional filmmaking features such as 24p, higher bit rates, and Cinestyle color profiles, Sony is just starting to get in the game -- but they're doing it in a big way with image stabilization and a Carl Zeiss lens. Sony is usually moderate with product upgrades, so I wouldn't expect this camera to have specs that much higher than the competition right out of the gate. It seems it will take either SD or Memory Stick cards (hopefully the former), and will be released with a number of accessories.

There's no word on real specs or pricing yet, but I would expect it to be very similar to the best that GoPro has to offer (if not better). If Sony really wants to compete, these are going to have to be inexpensive, because no one wants to have to replace a $500 or $600 camera every time one breaks. The big positive I see with this camera is that it lends itself much better to being worn on the side of your head, unlike the GoPro which works a lot better mounted on top of a helmet.

Check out some of the photos of the device below.





If you already own a GoPro, does this device interest you? What would you be willing to pay for one if the specs match the competing products out there?

Link: Sony Blog - POV/Action Camera

[via The Verge]