Revengesiteheader1-224x65Following a series of in-person screenings around the world, this year's installment of Zacuto's Emmy-winning series The Great Camera Shootout is finally available online. The shootout puts the Apple iPhone 4S, Panasonic GH2 (Hacked), Canon 7D, Canon C300, Sony FS100, Sony F3, Sony F65, RED Epic, and Arri Alexa through their paces in a slightly different format than previous years -- this time, each camera's respective DP was allowed to change the lighting to simulate optimal conditions for that particular camera, but they're providing a "blind" test for the first episode. UPDATE: I've added a poll for those who have watched the test. Choose which ones you like the most and we'll find out which is which in episode two!

First, watch the test. Then vote below!Part two of the shootout is live, which means the cameras are no longer a secret -- which also means the poll is closed as voting is no longer anonymous.

You can see what others chose after you vote, but by default it's formatted pretty terribly by Google. I'll compile the results in a week and present a better graph. The answer key will be revealed in episode two, which will go live July 15th; part three will go up a month after that.

Also, be sure to read Joe's thoughts on seeing the shootout in person (I was scheduled to see it in NYC, but got sick and would have thrown up on the screen had I gone -- which, you could argue, some of the cameras did anyway).

Link: Zacuto's Revenge of The Great Camera Shootout

Disclosure: Zacuto is a No Film School advertiser.