We are deeply saddened by the shooting at an Aurora, Colorado movie theater last night.

Movies are nothing more than flickering images on a screen, but they have a remarkable ability to transport us to another world. They make us laugh, cry, and everything in between, but above all, they bring us together.

Events like this put into perspective how fragile human life really is. We all find meaning in our own lives in different ways, and rather than writing a post that will simply add to the noise, we are opening comments and asking the No Film School community to share their thoughts and feelings on this tragedy.

UPDATE: by posting this, were hoping that readers could find a way to constructively add their viewpoints. Many of you did; thank you to all of the commenters who added their genuine thoughts and feelings. Unfortunately the thread grew to include numerous personal attacks on each other and this was not our intention. We found ourselves constantly moderating comments and that is not what we are here for. As a result, we have closed the comments. Let us all please keep the victims and the families in our thoughts as we reflect on the events of today.