Jack-marchetti-kickstarter-224x170The ticking clock has ratcheted up tension in movies ever since Fritz Lang introduced the countdown in his 1929 German sci-fi film Woman in the Moon (Die Frau im Mond). The ticking clock forces the protagonist into action, raising the stakes to overcome an obstacle. We all have ticking clocks in our lives, some more urgent than others. What if you knew you were going blind and your biggest goal in life was to direct a feature film from a screenplay you wrote? Meet Jack Marchetti and his Kickstarter project to do just that.

Check out Jack's Kickstarter video below:

In interview with Script Magazine Balls of Steel columnist Jeanne Veillette Bowerman, Jack describes how his ticking clock sped up drastically:

What has scared the crap out of me is my brother who has the same condition is legally blind now. He’s three years older than I am, and his vision was always better than mine as well. His just went and went fast. So, seeing what he’s going through and realizing that might be me in a few short years, if not sooner – well it’s the proverbial kick in the ass.

I've pledged my support for Jack's project because I've run through several "what if" life scenarios that would spur me into decisive action to achieve the same goal as Jack, but I've never had the reality of living through those "what if" scenarios.

I want Jack to see his dream become a reality before he can't see his see dream anymore.

Link: Support Jack Marchetti's feature film project 4 of a Kind on Kickstarter

[via Script Magazine]