One Week Left to Save 40% on Adobe Creative Cloud CS6 for the Entire Year

We posted this earlier this month, but the deal expires in a week so it's worth one last notification. If you're a current user of any Adobe software (CS3 or later), you can upgrade to Adobe's new all-inclusive Creative Cloud membership for $29.95/month (instead of $49.95) for the first year -- a savings of $240. The discount expires at the end of August, so get cracking if you're thinking of signing up.

Adobe Creative Suite 6

To get the discount you'll have to commit to an annual plan instead of month-to-month. If you're not in for the subscription-based pricing, Production Premium is $1899; if you want it all, the Master Collection is $2,599. If, for example, a company is footing the bill and you get to keep the software, these boxed versions might still make sense. However, cnsidering the monthly membership is $360 for a full year after the discount -- and considering Adobe comes out with new versions basically every year -- they're really making Creative Cloud the most attractive version.

If you're looking for training for this new software, here are a bunch of Premiere Pro video tutorials and some others via Adobe TV.


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Over the course of several years, a subscription is a good value, especially with annual version upgrades IF (big IF!) Adobe doesn't raise their subscription rates midstream. Hence, I'm leery about subscribing. I can't find any legalese on the Adobe website that states an annual subscription locks into the rate initially signed up for. Perhaps that's in the contract once the service is activated.

I'm leery because Adobe debits the user credit card every month instead of a lump sum, so to me that points to Adobe being able to raise its rate at anytime, just like my gym did so I quit. I prefer to pay a lump sum, assuring a locked-in price for the year, a la Vimeo Plus. I think Adobe just started offering subscriptions in April 2012, and of course there hasn't been any rate increase since. I'm on the cusp of either subscribing or buying a boxed version.

August 23, 2012 at 11:32AM, Edited September 4, 7:54AM


Eventually that $30 a month turns into $50 a month and at $600 a year you are now paying $75 more than the $525 for a physical Master Collection upgrade. If you already have a Master Collection then staying with a $525 physical upgrade saves money (especially skipping a minor point release now and then), but if you don't own a Master Collection to begin with, then the monthly rental option is probably best.

Also of note... actually "owning" the software allows you to deactivate it from your primary machine and install it on another workstation or laptop if you need to... maybe even for another office worker to use if they don't need the added features from the latest release.

August 23, 2012 at 11:49AM, Edited September 4, 7:54AM