Highlight Hunter is an app we covered back in April that aims to make it easier to find the best clips from your footage. The program simply finds where you've intentionally blocked out the lens and then creates clips based on your settings. Highlight Hunter can really be used for any footage, but it's especially useful for extreme sports or adventure reels where you've got hours upon hours of footage to sort through. In fact, GoPro's video team actually uses the app -- so that should tell you something about its usefulness. They've just released a new updated version that should make the entire process even simpler and faster. Check out the video below for an introduction to the new update.

Here are the new features in this version:

  • Brand new design. More intuitive. Sexier. Check out the screenshots.
  • Ability to share highlights directly to Facebook from within the app
  • Scanning engine is twice as accurate in finding highlights
  • HH is now totally free for consumers but we have HH Pro for professional videographers that costs $99. No typical consumer should need the Pro version so when we say free, we really mean free ;-). The Pro version adds the ability to export as ProRes, remove the (much tinier) watermark, and open highlights directly in a 3rd-party video editor.


Even though as I said last time it's not going to be a feature film editing tool, it could definitely work for home movies or for projects where you've got a tremendous amount of footage but really only need a few clips. One use I hadn't thought of before is for shooting sports. If you get a highlight that you think you might want to use, you just block out the lens, and by the time you come back to edit, you don't need to spend time looking through footage, you can just let the program do the work. Any app that saves time is helpful, and Highlight Hunter can do exactly that.

You can download the new 2.0 version for Windows right now, but the Mac version 2.0 will not be ready for another few weeks. Either way, head on over to their website for more information and a download link.

Link: Highlight Hunter