If you've ever wondered how moving timelapse, complicated visual effects, and stop motion animation are executed, more often than not the filmmakers are using a motion control system of some kind. Usually these systems have been prohibitively expensive at the higher-end, but we're now starting to get more affordable options that are just as fully featured. Kessler, who is well-known for their sliders, has now moved up to a fully electronic motion control head called the CineDrive. Check out the walk-through video below.

Here are some photos of the CineDrive software for Windows and iOS:



Pre-sales in the U.S. were just launched but have sold out immediately (since they were limited to 25 units). There will be another batch of units available in 1-3 months. Here's what's included with the system for a starting price of $6,000:

  • (1) CineDrive Brain with AC (Wall) Power Cord
  • (1) Pan & Tilt Head Kit
  • (1) Slider Motor
  • (1) Slider Motor Control Module
  • Appropriate Cables and Hardware
  • Native kOS software for Windows 7 and 8 OS (iOS version of kOS software available soon, with Android and MacOS versions available in the near future)

The system is just the control head, and does not include the slider, so if you didn't already own one, you would need to purchase that as well -- though the added cost is much, much cheaper than if you purchased the system separately.

If you have no use for a system like this, it will obviously look very expensive, but for those who do visual effects or complicated stop motion, it's at the lower end for this sort of setup.

What do you guys think?

Link:   Kessler CineDrive Pre-Release: Phase 1 (3-Axis)