Not many reviews have come out for the Blackmagic Cinema Camera as it is just starting to ship, but a select few have been able to get their hands on the BMCC and shoot some footage as well as give their impressions after working with the camera. Rick Young, a shooter who hails from Australia (headquarters of Blackmagic Design), takes a look at the Cinema Camera and shows off some of the video he's been taking. He also goes through the final shipping menu design of the camera and details many of the options in there.

Rick sat down and talked with Grant Petty, CEO of Blackmagic Design, about the camera. Here is his three-part interview:

I think I've probably exhausted what I can say about the camera. Until I actually start shooting with it I won't know what actually presents a real problem and what are features that people would like to have, but don't really affect the operation of the camera all that much. You can use any camera for any situation, but that doesn't necessarily mean any camera is good for all situations. I know most of us have used DSLRs in situations that would really have benefited from a bigger or more fully-featured camera, and I think that will be no different for the Cinema Camera. I'm going to give my honest opinion once I shoot with the camera since I'll be testing it in a wide variety of situations.

Has any of the recent material persuaded or dissuaded you from buying the camera? Has anything in particular made you take a second look?

Link: Rick Young

[via Notes on Video & Blackmagic User]