American Heart Association Heart Walk BenderspinkAt the beginning of the summer, we posted about this amazing opportunity to donate to screenwriter Joe Nienalt's Heart Walk campaign and get a professional manager, Daniel Vang of Benderspink, to read your script. If you've procrastinated like me, now is the time. October 6 is the deadline to donate to Joe's campaign and get the added benefit of Daniel Vang reading some or all of your script. As I write this post, Joe has raised over $28,000 toward his $30,000 goal - truly amazing. Let's push him over the top for a great cause. I just made my $100 donation, and here's how you can do the same.

To make a donation, go to Joe Nienalt's Heart Walk fundraising page. You can make a donation there and read his instructions on how to contact him regarding the submission of your script for Daniel Vang. Here's how the donation levels work:

  • If you donate $25, Daniel will read the first ten pages of your script.
  • If you donate $50, Daniel will read the first 50 pages (if it's great, he won't want to put it down after 50 pages).
  • If you donate $100, Daniel will read your entire script (good or bad).
  • The deadline to make a donation is October 6, 2012.

This is the definition of a win-win. To learn more about Joe Nienalt and Daniel Vang, check out our original post about this charity drive. To reiterate:

Daniel Vang is a manager at Benderspink whose job is to find new writers for the company to break into the industry. Daniel works for one of the top managers, Chris Bender, and has a direct line to the head of production at Benderspink. Not familiar with Benderspink? Benderspink (Chris Bender, J.C. Spink, principals) manage several top writers and directors, and share producing or executive producing credits on several films including A History of Violence, The Hangover and The Hangover Part II, and The Ring and The Ring Part Two, among many others.

I was surprised to see that Joe himself provides a link to our original post at the bottom of his fundraising page so his donors can learn more about him and Daniel.

NFS community, let's send back the love and help Joe surpass his goal.

Link: Joe Nienalt's Heart Walk Fundraising Page