If ever there was a screenwriter that was fun to read, but really shouldn't be emulated, that screenwriter would be Quentin Tarantino. Of course, that hasn't stopped several screenwriters from trying, but it's a fool's errand (for that matter, it's a fool's errand to emulate any screenwriter). On the heels of several awards nominations, The Weinstein Company is revving up its tried-and-true awards machine and has recently churned out the screenplay of Django Unchained as an early holiday gift for your consideration.

Here's the trailer for Django Unchained, opening wide Dec. 25 in the U.S.

Tarantino and the Weinsteins are certainly no strangers to controversy. In fact, I'm pretty sure they welcome it, and I imagine Django Unchained will stir up its fair share while simultaneously raising the public's awareness of the film and ultimately driving its box office. If you want to hear directly from Quentin Tarantino about this film and his current thoughts on the film industry as a whole, check out The Hollywood Reporter's Director Roundtable video.

Here's a link to the screenplay:

As always, please use this screenplay for your educational purposes only, and don't wait to download it as we never know when it will be taken offline.

If you have missed any of our previous posts about current screenplays available for free, legal download, you can find them here:

How do you approach a Quentin Tarantino screenplay? Do you find elements that help you with your own writing or do you feel Tarantino's scripts stand alone to be appreciated or critiqued but not to be used as a guide for screenwriting? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments.

Link: The Weinstein Company - For Your Consideration