Filmmaking equipment maker edelkrone recently unveiled their reinvented slider, the Slider PLUS+, and they showed off a brief animated clip giving you a sense of what it could do. Now we've got a real-life video of the slider in action with a DSLR, and the results are impressive for such a tiny device. Click through to check out the video.

First, here is the introduction video if you missed it:

The Slider PLUS+ in real life:

I don't think there is a question now that it does exactly what they said it would do, and it looks like the movements are as smooth as any other slider out there. Unless you've got a truly miserable tripod, this looks like it will be very steady, even on something like a slightly more heavy-duty photography tripod. Some people were wondering what the point of such a small slider is when the tripod they are using is so big, but really, this applies to any piece of gear. Anything that can be smaller and lighter and still provide the same functionality makes sense.

Right now the Slider PLUS+ is $500, and the first limited shipment will begin on January 4th, with more after that.

What do you think of the Slider PLUS+ now after seeing more than just a CGI model?

Link: edelkrone Slider PLUS+

[via DSLR News Shooter]

Disclosure: edelkrone is a No Film School advertiser.