There a few neat ways to remote operate your DSLR -- and in some cases, live-monitor as well. Options range from custom Canon control software for your Android tablet all the way to professional, dedicated solutions. Most such offerings are Canon-only, but statistically there's a good chance you're a Canon DSLR shooter anyway -- and there's no reason similar gear won't come to Nikon or Panasonic cameras, too. Pro accessory fabricators LockCircle have just announced a new, advanced option for remote control of your Canon DSLR called the K-CIRCLE -- allowing wireless or USB-tether remote operation of everything from ISO and aperture to focus and digital zoom.

Here's a beauty shot of the new K-CIRCLE:


Here's the full features list from LockCircle's press release:

K-CIRCLE LockCircle Highlights

  • Base Module with integrated wireless receiver works wire up to 50 ft
  • Remote Module works wireless up to 150 ft
  • Proprietary algorithm for controlling focus in three speeds
  • Multicolor led for different functions
  • 12 bottons for multiple functions (stainless steel military specs)
  • Focus knob works on big sealed bearing for extreme smooth operation
  • Focusing can be also controlled by buttons
  • Video or photo priority selectable
  • Open protocol between units, ready for external control and accessories
  • Back-up survival battery pack for long day shooting
  • Functions of the Base Module can be disabled
  • Serial digital data transmission, with encrypted channel, at 868.3 Mhz
  • Software upgrade online (downloadable)
  • Multi channel selection, multicamera control
  • Canon EOS functions controlled: video start/stop, photo capture, autofocus/metering, iso setting, aperture control, shutter setting, exposure compensation, focus rectangle position, digital zoom, mode (M, P, Av, Video... available only on some Canon models), white balance, focusing points memory for rack focus transitions, lock on single speed (slow, fast, faster), acceleration presets, commands for second settings, timelapse ready

Given things like the recent minicopter-shot FIREFLY, K-CIRCLE definitely looks like a robust tool for hands-free (or gravity-free, for that matter) operation, in conjunction with a wireless monitoring system. LockCircle points out that jib or crane work could also be streamlined by including K-CIRCLE into the shooting configuration. Expect availability of K-CIRCLE mid-to-late Frebruary -- and a comprehensive list of supported Canon DSLRs closer to that time.

We don't yet know the price at this time, but I would expect to find out closer to February.

What situations have you guys been in where you could've used K-CIRCLE, or a solution like it? What remote control systems have you previously implemented for hands-free shooting, and how do you feel the K-CIRCLE compares in specs to such a system?

Link: LockCircle

Disclosure: LockCircle is a No Film School advertiser.