New-york-city-224x124Tasked with the creation of a music video for the Joey Ramone track New York City, director Greg Jardin decided to get literal in his interpretation of the song and hit the NY streets with his crew, some famous faces and its residents for a pixilated, lip-synced tour of some of the most recognizable spots in the world-famous city. See how good your landmark and cameo spotting skills are after the jump.

Whilst I'm sure this is far from the first video to use pixilation you've seen, I did like the symplicity of Jardin's production technique: first he filmed himself singing out the track with the corresponding actions, transformed that into an 8fps stills sequence with reference words, then simply got his participants to match the corresponding still actions from his iPhone/iPad in the street on the day. Jardin demonstrates this approach and provides the answer to any of the faces you failed to name in this behind the scenes video:

Whilst I think Jardin did a good job with the music video, for me nothing beats Robin King's 2006 relationship revenge short Ten Thousand Pictures of You when it comes to inventive uses of pixilation.

That is, of course, unless you can think of something that blows my favourite out of the water? Let us know in the comments.

Link: Greg Jardin -- Website