Oblivion, the new film starring Tom Cruise and shot on the Sony F65 by Claudio Miranda (with some RED EPIC for one of their practical effects), has only just launched into theaters, but we've got a tremendous amount of behind the scenes material already available online. The director, Joseph Kosinski, who was also at the helm for Tron: Legacy, wanted to use as many practical effects as possible for the film, and it certainly shows in many of the clips and videos available online. Check out the extensive BTS as well as an in-depth look at the sound design for the film courtesy of Michael Coleman and SoundWorks Collection.

Here's the trailer if you haven't seen it:

Here is an extended behind the scenes showing their process and the numerous practical effects:

All about the sound design of the film from SoundWorks Collection:

While it's impossible to use all practical effects for the kind of scope they are trying to achieve with the film, I think doing as much in-camera as possible can definitely help ground a film in reality. M83 was bound to do the soundtrack for a large film like this some day, especially when you consider the style of the music videos off the newest album.

What do you guys think about the film? Has anyone seen it so far? Do you think the practical effects helped the film?


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