Animation-masterclass-oceanmaker-lucas-martell-224x125We briefly interrupt our regularly scheduled NAB programming to bring you this short announcement about an intriguing animated short film masterclass. A little while ago, I highlighted a video from animation filmmaker Lucas Martell about his ideas tournament for generating new ideas and selecting the best ones to pursue further. Lucas is currently running an Indiegogo campaign for his latest animated short, The OceanMaker, and is now offering a perk specifically for those of you looking to expand your animation capabilities. For details about his upcoming animated short film masterclass, check out the video below.

Here's Lucas describing the masterclass, starting May 29, 2013, as part of the Rain Maker perk for his Indiegogo campaign:

To learn more about Lucas' film, The OceanMaker, and its unique production process, take a look at his Indiegogo campaign video:

I'm not an animator, nor do I hope to become an animator, but having met Lucas at a film festival and watching his podcast videos, I find his style engaging, informative and educational. I imagine those No Film School readers who are in the early stages of a career in animation could benefit greatly from this masterclass, but you'll have to decide if $250 is worth it to you. Just remember, your contribution will support another animator's current project, plus you get the additional perks from the lower contribution levels, like an HD download of the finished film, a DVD with audio commentary, and a signed poster.

To learn more about the Rain Maker perk for the upcoming animated short film masterclass, head over to the Indiegogo campaign page for The OceanMaker.

What are your thoughts on podcast classes like this one? Would you find value in a dedicated series of how-to videos on computer animation? Share your thoughts with us in the Comments.

Link: The OceanMaker