You might hear us talk a lot of about workflows and post-production pipelines, but really what we are talking about is organizing the camera files you get on-set, backing them up, organizing, transcoding, and applying basic color correction. Red Giant, who makes the Magic Bullet suite of programs, is introducing a brand new program called BulletProof that "bridges the gap between camera and editor." Click through for more details.


Here is a little bit more from the landing page on BulletProof:

BACKUP: Offload your files.

Select clips from cameras/cards, then import into a catalog with backup.

ORGANIZE: Organize Your Files.

View the whole catalog, and sort clips with folders and playlists.

REVIEW: Review Your Files. 

Play individual clips to check their color, quality, and consistency.

COLOR: Edit Color and Metadata

Apply first-pass color adjustments and add helpful metadata

DELIVER: Deliver Your Files.

Queue and export the clips as transcoded project-ready media.

While the NLEs can handle some of these tasks, it looks like Red Giant is trying to come up with a complete workflow solution to get your files ready and organized for post-production. We don't know much else about the program yet, but they are planning on giving the full details at NAB next week.

You can, however, sign up for a free beta right now on the Magic Bullet site, and it will likely be available sometime after the announcement.

Link: BulletProof -- Red Giant