Tribeca Enterprises and Maker Studios announced their collaboration to create a new YouTube channel featuring web series and short films called Picture Show. Comprised of Maker Studios' YouTube talent, along with writers and stars from College Humor, Upright Citizens Brigadeand Tribeca's own artists, Picture Show will "specialize in original content that blends the Maker sensibility with Tribeca's cinematic focus." With its official launch date of April 19th nearing, it might be worth your while to get acquainted with this comedy destination with a cinematic twist.

Targeted toward "comedy nerds and movie lovers", Picture Show has already released 3 videos on their channel; a cavalcade of what YouTubers can expect to see in the future: Picture Show Presents: Cupcake, Jurassic Park REMIX: Kitchen Confessions, and HISTORY OF FILM in a Minute - A Mary Doodles Speed Drawing. And since I'm a mega-film-history-dweeb, I've made a special place in my heart for Mary Doodles' HISTORY OF FILM in a Minute.

For the first remix in their Remix the Movies series, which imagines alternative takes on some of Hollywood's most iconic moments, the sights are set on Jurassic Park (timed just right for its 3D re-release and 20th anniversary)Also, I'm literally still laughing at this video as I'm writing this. So, check out Jurassic Park REMIX: Kitchen Confessions.

And finally, Sharon Badal, Head Short Film Programmer, Tribeca Film Festival, explains why she chose Cupcake for the first Picture Show Presents:

"I love cupcakes and I love color so this film was right up my alley. I was impressed with the very clever production design as well as the playfulness of the entire storyline. It's difficult to carry a short film using only voiceover narration, (in this case one with a French accent, no less) but the great performances need no dialog. And that last'll let it speak for itself."

So, without further ado -- Cupcake.

Tribeca and Maker Studios hoped that this new channel would work as a media network, bringing new talented filmmakers together to make original web series and short films. The partnership seems like a match made in heaven, since Maker creators are getting the opportunity to create more cinematic content with Tribeca's resources and Tribeca has the opportunity to access Maker's younger, internet-savvy audience.

Their original comedy series Remix the Movies and short films Cupcake and HISTORY OF FILM in a Minute are only the first to be released. Tribeca and Maker Studios will announce the full slate of programming in late April.

Link: Picture Show -- YouTube Channel

[via NewMediaRockstars]