Adobe Creative Cloud DiscountAbout a year ago, Adobe announced that they were going to be offering subscriptions for their software through what they were calling Creative Cloud. Besides being a monthly subscription instead of a one-time fee, Creative Cloud also offers other advantages like being able to view and share work from any device through specific applications. Back in March, Adobe killed off boxed versions of the Creative Suite, suggesting that they were going to move away from CS altogether, and starting in June, they're doing just that: future versions of Creative Suite will only be available through Creative Cloud. Click through for more from Adobe on the announcement.

This is what Adobe said on their site:

In order to accelerate the rate at which we deliver new features and services, and to ensure that we do so with the highest level of quality, we are focusing all of our efforts on Creative Cloud.

Given this, the CC applications will be available only as part of Creative Cloud. We will continue to sell and support Adobe Creative Suite® 6 applications, and will provide bug fixes and security updates as necessary. We do not, however, have any current plans to release new versions of our CS applications.

You will continue to install and use the creative applications on your desktop just as you always have, but the apps will increasingly be part of a larger creative process centered on Creative Cloud.

Premiere, Photoshop, InDesign, Dreamweaver, and Illustrator will all be branded as CC applications going forward, and the only way you're going to be able to purchase them is through the Creative Cloud. The big difference between owning the software and purchasing through Creative Cloud is that if you decide to stop paying the subscription for a period of time, you no longer have access to the software.

Adobe also announced that they are going to integrate Behance into their applications more heavily:

With this update, creative files can be stored, synced and shared, via Creative Cloud, on Mac OS, Windows, iOS and Android; and Behance, the world’s leading online creative community, is integrated with Creative Cloud, so customers can showcase work, get feedback on projects and gain global exposure.

Adobe is currently doing 30 day free trials, but their plans range from $20-$50 depending on the option you choose and the length of the contract. Adobe still plans to support CS6 and allow you to purchase that version, but it will be all Creative Cloud from now on for new versions.

[Update]: Since many are asking about it, I'm adding this from their FAQ on Creative Cloud:

Do I need ongoing Internet access to use my Creative Cloud desktop applications?

No. Your Creative Cloud desktop applications (such as Photoshop and Illustrator) are installed directly on your computer, so you won't need an ongoing Internet connection to use them on a daily basis.

You will need to be online when you install and license your software. If you have an annual membership, you'll be asked to connect to the web to validate your software licenses every 30 days. However, you'll be able to use products for 180 days even if you're offline.


[via Digital Photography Review]

Disclosure: Adobe is a No Film School advertiser.