iStopMotion logoEarlier this week, the folks at Boinx Software released the upgraded iStopMotion 3.1, an award-winning stop-motion animation software. This upgrade includes a feature that many users have been clamoring for: screen capture. This new feature allows users the ability to create stop-motion and time-lapse videos by capturing frames directly from your computer screen -- essentially turning your computer/iPad/iPhone screen into a movie set.

According to Boinx's blog, the update will allow users to capture frames from their screens to create stop-motion or time-lapse films by using iStopMotion in tandem with illustration programs like Photoshop or InDesign to document their entire creation process.

Cody Creed, an art teacher from Manitoba, Canada tested the software with the update:

The iStopMotion screen capture feature is exceptional. It is a real pleasure to watch the application in action. As an artist, I wish to share my process. This feature makes it easy to show how I create images from scratch in a dynamic and interesting way. I also find it works great in spaces. That way you can capture without the visual clutter of two applications at once. It has a great deal of potential, which will be realized when the art community gets their hands on it.

To see exactly what screen capture can do, check out this video made by Creed.

Many established animators have sworn by Dragonframe, which was used to make films like ParaNorman and Coraline. However, iStopMotion is good for people of all skill levels and has been used to produce incredible HD works. To see what this program can help you create, check out stop-motion filmmaker Charlie Collier's music video for musician Lincoln Durham.

Do you use iStopMotion? What do you think about the new iStopMotion 3 update? How could you see yourself using the screen capture feature in your animations?