The professional/semi-professional lens market is getting very competitive very quickly -- which is great for filmmakers who are now using cameras that are much sharper than DSLRs, and need lenses that can match that resolution, and also provide smooth iris and focus. Schneider has been making PL mount lenses for some time, but they've now decided to introduce a full-frame cinema lineup with interchangeable mounts to go head-to-head against similarly priced lenses from Canon and Zeiss. Check out the FreshDV video below with Ryan Avery from Schneider:

Around $4,000 per lens is right in line with the Canon CN-E and Zeiss Compact Primes, so these are really aimed at those who would be looking at those lenses. I think the line is going to get really interesting as they add wider lenses, but I imagine the reason they are releasing the 35, 50, and 75 first is because it's a little easier keeping everything consistent, like the T/2.1 across the board and the identical front mounts. As an owner/operator set, a wide (for Super 35 sensors) would definitely be helpful, but it's great to see more cinema-style lenses that cover the full-frame imager.

If you're in the market for ultra-cheap cinema primes, we're not quite there yet (with the exception of maybe the Samyang/Rokinon primes), but I have a feeling over the next few years things are going to get really interesting.