We are fortunate enough to live in a day and age in which the words of prolific and eclectic filmmaking talents come readily and often. We've already heard from working cinematographers such as Roger Deakins and Blue Valentine DP Andrij Parekh, as well as friends of No Film School Ryan E. Walters and Timur Civan. We've also heard from directors such as Steven Soderberg and Ridley Scott -- and all of this is just to name a few. Now, we have a few more valuable words from Sir Ridley -- this time discussing everything from his breakthrough into the industry, his experience in learning how to work with actors, and honing a highly sensitive visual eye. Click through to hear these words and more from "the director who uses too much smoke!"

These audio-only (sorry guys, just a black and white slide) come to us from Film School Commentaries by way of Cinephilia and Beyond, recorded (apparently) back when he was set to direct I Am Legend, circa 1997. There's a good amount of reflection here on Thelma & Louise -- and unfortunately some additional reference to scenes which we can't, well, see for ourselves -- but the context here is certainly malleable and could apply to many facets of filmmaking. Again, these are best treated podcast-style -- so sit back, relax, and enjoy hearing once again from Sir Ridley.

First, here's a brief clip, followed by the full interviews:

I don't know about you guys, but I wish there was even more material here, with or 'without picture.' The sheer number of films that Scott has shot, and more importantly the variety thereof -- in tone, style, subject matter, etc. -- means he has plenty to say about filmmaking. Of course, if we come across anything more of this sort, we'll share with you guys!

What do you think? Anyone familiar with Ridley's work and working style -- what new info did you learn from this material? What insight from the director have you guys found yourself internalizing on shoots in the past?


[via Cinephilia and Beyond]