Perhaps the biggest story at NAB this year was Freefly Systems' steadicam-esque gyro gimbal MōVI, which we've covered several times. The Vincent Laforet-directed debut film was DP'd by No Film School friend Timur Civan, and at NAB I had a chance to sit down with Timur briefly to chat about how they shot the debut video, how the Canon 1D C behaved, how the MōVI might affect the steadicam market, and what impact it might have on filmmaking in general.

This was an informal sit-down in the NAB press room so please forgive any awkwardness! And given we refer a few times to specific shots from the debut video itself, if you haven't seen it already or need a refresher, I'm including the film itself at the bottom of this post again.

Is it just me or is my head large enough to cause an eclipse?

Thanks to our friends at FreshDV for squeezing this in between all of their other video shoots. Also on the same topic as this, I previously posted about Stanley Kubrick and the MōVI.