Ryan Gosling Wont Eat His CerealVine, the Twitter-owned iOS app that lets you take, upload, and now embed 6 seconds of video, has been making the rounds since it was released back in January of this year. Tribeca held a contest for filmmakers to make movies with Vine, but similar to Twitter itself when it began, we haven't quite figured out its true purpose. That is, until now. Ryan McHenry, who directed a BAFTA-winning short film called Zombie Musical, has created something of true genius with the app. Behold, Ryan Gosling Won't Eat Cereal, the very reason Vine, and possibly the internet, was created:

Also, here's Zombie Musical, which actually got McHenry a job remaking the film into a feature (this is so that I don't feel bad about sharing Ryan Gosling Vines and to show that Ryan McHenry is more than just an internet sensation -- should probably mention it's not really SFW):

Ryan mentioned on Twitter that he would like to make this happen in person:

Hope you all enjoyed it!


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