rainn wilson soulpancake pitchAs DIY filmmakers, many of us are looking for ways to get the filmmaking industry to take notice of our work and talent. At times, this can feel like fruitlessly banging on a series of locked doors, nary a key in sight. Every once in a while, though, an open invitation falls in our lap asking us to submit our best work in the hopes of making a connection. Thanks to a filmmaking friend Robert Palmer and his post on Facebook, I came across a simple request from Rainn Wilson asking "all-in-one filmmakers" to pitch his production company, SoulPancake. Since the No Film School community is full of all-in-one filmmakers, I thought you'd like to hear about it, too.

In this era of social media, Rainn Wilson hasn't set up a contest or sent out a press release to encourage filmmakers to pitch SoulPancake their series ideas. He merely tweeted the following:

That's it. Not even a deadline. Although, in response to some questions on Twitter, the folks at SoulPancake said the sooner, the better as to when filmmakers should send in their pitches.

With so little info about what to pitch (140 characters doesn't leave much room for details), all-in-one filmmakers need to know who SoulPancake is to figure out what types of series ideas they should be pitching.

Despite Rainn Wilson's celebrity, this gem of a viral video is most likely how you know SoulPancake:

But SoulPancake is more than Kid President and Rainn Wilson. In fact, they made a handy little video entitled, "Who is SoulPancake?" So let's watch, shall we?

More than anything, SoulPancake is focused on the positive in life, and they certainly look for humorous ways to bring out the positive in people and their stories. So if you think you have a unique, humorous perspective on the world that shines a positive light on life and have a way to share that perspective as an ongoing series, SoulPancake may be just the place for you.

And while SoulPancake says the sooner, the better for sending in pitches, if you decide to pursue this opportunity, put some time and energy into your pitch to make it stand out. You may have a great idea, but show them that you can execute that idea in a way that fits with SoulPancake's vibe. They want to watch awesome pitch videos, so make an awesome pitch video.

What do you think about Rainn Wilson's invitation to pitch his production company, SoulPancake? Is this an opportunity you've been looking for? Share your thoughts about pitching projects in the Comments below.

Link: SoulPancake