If you live in the US there's a good chance you're celebrating the birth of the nation with cookouts and fireworks, so why not invest in some American-made gear while you're at it? Back in March we shared with you the Kickstarter for the GoPro HERO3 Combat Cage from Wide Open Camera, and Jared and the team were ultimately successful getting the project funded. Now that it's in its production run, the guys over at WOC are having a 4th of July sale for the Combat Cage as well as for their adjustable lens gears.


If you've never heard of it, here's Jared to explain with the prototype, along with another video showing the quality of the anodizing:

It should be noted that the Half Inch Rails lens gears are also sold through Wide Open Camera, but those are not on sale, just the WOC adjustable gears are. I've used these before, and I've been pretty happy with them, but if you own either the cage or the lens gears, feel free to share your thoughts below. Either click on the photo or the link below to get more information on both and check out the sale.

Link: 4th of July Sale -- Wide Open Camera