YouPixSometimes it can feel like the chances of your screenplay being bought and made, or having a shot at getting paid to direct a film is 1 in a million. YouPix is a contest/community that may help up those odds -- to 1 in a thousand to be more accurate. This new platform is twofold: It's an online filmmaking community where members can upload their scripts and films, talk in forums, and follow each other's activity (like Facebook.) It's also a screenwriting/directing contest that awards winners up to $500,000 to make their film. More details after the jump.

YouPix was launched in late-May of this year. Founders and filmmakers Mathew Davis and Talieh Safadi set out  to offer opportunities for screenwriters and directors to both share their work with fellow members of the site, as well as compete for the chance to make their films. Safadi says:

Discouraged by the lack of support for emerging filmmakers, we decided to bring hope to this next generation of talent. On the platform, it’s a democracy of industry peers providing feedback, coverage and introductions.

The Community

YouPix is also made up of a community of filmmakers.

In this FREE section of our site, we get to know each other and share ideas.  Our YouPix Social Network will allow you to upload a profile picture, “friend” other members, create groups, participate in forums and BEST of all, share some of your work under your PROFILE.  Free.  We invite all film disciples to join up, and network.  That’s really how films get made -- by who you know as much as by what you know.

Writers can list 1 script for free on the site, but the cost of unlimited uploads is $9.95 ever 6 months. Directors and cinematographers can promote themselves by linking to their demo reels.

The Contest

The contest is open to all screenwriters and directors around the world who are interested in getting their screenplay made, directing the winning screenplay, or both. This is when the YouPix "community" aspect comes into play:

After submitting their scripts/short films, editors and directors must "read and fairly critique" 2 scripts and 2 short films submitted by peers. Screenwriters receive multiple critiques from those who covered their scripts. Once the first 1,000 scripts/short films are submitted, submissions close, which allows contestants a greater chance of winning.

Those top scripts/short films are then submitted to an advisory board for final analysis and judging. The top 10 directors are interviewed by the advisory board. Finally, the winning script gets produced by the winning director. For a more specific rundown of the schedule of each step, go here.

The submission requirements are available on the YouPix website, but a few things to keep in mind if you're a screenwriter, your script needs to: be able to be produced on a budget less than $500k (that's the prize money,) follow standard screenplay format, be between 90 and 125 pages, and to "ensure unbiased coverage" must be anonymous (no title or name on the script.) If you're a director, your short film must be less than 20 minutes and be able to be embedded.

Each submission for both screenwriters and directors is $150. There is no limit to how many screenplays or short films a contestant can enter, however the submission fee applies to each. If you win, you get to make your film with a budget of up to $500k and access to professional gear.

As far as who owns the rights to your submitted work, you keep the rights unless your screenplay wins. For more info on that and other details of the contest, check out the FAQ page. Submissions are now open, so get your screenplays and short films ready!

What do you think of YouPix? Are there any other sites that offer the same community experience, both in and out of competition? Let us know in the comments.