Kickstarter AussieIn late June, Kickstarter announced that their crowdsourcing platform was coming to Canada -- campaigns for which will be able to launch in September. Continuing their expansion across the globe, Kickstarter announced yesterday on Twitter that campaigns will soon be open to Australia and New Zealand -based projects. When will Australians and New Zealanders be able to get their Kickstarer campaigns underway? They haven't specified an exact date, opting for a more vague, but exciting, "in the very near future." Continue reading for more info.

Kickstarter broke the news yesterday to great positivity from fans. Twitter followers sounded off expressing their excitement, as well as questions as to how long they'd have to wait to get started on their campaigns. Kickstarter remained vague about the launch, but promised that it'd be "very soon."

In similar fashion to the announcement of Kickstarter Canada, the website for Kickstarter Australia is up, but leaves everything to the imagination. Visit the site, share your email address and let them know what kind of project you're wanting to launch, and Kickstarter will let you know when it's all ready.

Kickstarter Aussie tweet

Artists, inventors, and all sorts of creatives are excited about the inclusion of not only Australia and New Zealand, but Canada as well. Canadian creators can start building their campaigns now, but will have to wait until September 9th to launch them.

The more countries added to the Kickstarter roster the better. I know I speak for all when I say that we can't wait to see the projects that will come from our friends in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand!

Link: Kickstarter Australia