Though tiny action cameras, like the GoPro, can take filmmaking and cinematography to new and exciting places (literally,) their limitations can be a bit of a drag. We've talked about the Novo Camera mod, a customized Hero3 with a wide range of features that have opened up doors for filmmakers to control the capture of their image. Michael Booth of Radiant Images shared a reel that was presented to the Director's Guild of America, containing footage taken from the sky, a moving car, a kickflipping skateboard, a motorcycle, and even underneath a turtle. Click below to check it out.

The "world's smallest digital cinema camera," the Novo, provides beautiful images -- the 2K version is capable of shooting uncompressed 2k RAW footage. (Here are the specs of the Novo and Novo 2K.) The mod includes a C-mount lens system plus a PL mount adapter and back focus adjustment, allowing for extreme macro shooting. With the capability to change out lenses, you no longer have to settle for the wide-angle lens of a GoPro. Novo users may also adjust the exposure to their heart's content, which is a feature not found with the Hero3.

I've always enjoyed footage taken from the GoPro -- the points of view that we rarely (if ever) get to see -- however the clarity and cinematic look from the Novo is truly incredible. Check out the video below and judge for yourself:

Unfortunately, the Novo is available as a rental only with a daily rate of $295, or $885 weekly. The Novo 2K is going to cost you quite a bit more at $895 daily and $2685 weekly. If you're interested, you can go to Radiant Images website for more rental info.

Thanks, Michael, for sharing this video with us!

What do you think of this new video for the Novo? Do you have any experience using one? Let us know in the comments.