The process of working in teams on a single video across multiple states, countries, and even continents can be a frustrating endeavor -- especially when clients get involved to review and comment on footage. A new service called First Cut Pro (not to be confused with that Apple product) aims to make collaboration between teams that much easier, by incorporating smarter ways to give feedback and bring that directly into whatever editing system you're working with. Here's the First Cut Pro team at the recent Techcrunch Disrupt event (with some shorter videos below):

Here are some more videos showing off the First Cut Pro service:

From the post:

First Cut Pro supports the ability to export markers into .CSV files for spreadsheets, .XML metadata files for Adobe Premier, After Effects and Apple’s Final Cut Pro, as well as .txt files for importing into AVID Media Composer. That said, videos aren’t stored in the cloud — they’re stored locally on the viewer’s computer or on network attached storage. That means that high-quality versions of the videos can be viewed instantly.

Right now for small teams on personal projects, the service is completely free, but they have multiple tiers with different restrictions:


Having been involved in a few of these (I'm sure there are some of you who have done hundreds), the review and feedback process can be a little slow and tedious at times. While there are some ways to do this sort of thing directly in some editors, for larger teams, it becomes necessary to have better organization. At least if you're a small team, you could try out the free tier and see if you like what the First Cut Pro team is doing. For those of us who don't have the budget to create a custom solution, and who constantly work on projects spread out over a number of people and clients in different places, I think First Cut Pro could be a good solution.

What do you guys think? What do you currently use to facilitate similar results as First Cut Pro?

Link: First Cut Pro

[via Techcrunch]