Burning Man_gopro_phantomIf you've ever been to or seen images of Burning Man, a week-long event full of art, self-expression, and exploration (of many things,) and yes, a humongous burning man made of wood, it'd be difficult to imagine seeing something more spectacular than that -- unless it was great aerial footage taken of the event itself. Shared with us by Duc-Duy Pham of DSLR Pros, check out this aerial video that uses a GoPro Hero3 and a modded DJI Phantom Quadcopter rig, allowing for more versatility and control in order to show Burning Man like it's never been seen before.

Run by a small team of filmmakers, DSLR Pros went to Nevada's Black Rock Desert where Burning Man is held and took to the skies with their GoPro Hero3 and a modified Phantom copter to show you what their rig can do (more on the mods later.) Though the propellers are visible in some of the shots, the footage is pretty amazing -- definitely takes event videography to the next level.

Check out the video of the aerial view of Burning Man below, then scroll down to find out more on how DSLR Pros modified a DJI Phantom using their Ultimate Cinema Edition Aerial Kit.

DSLR Pros disassembles and rebuilds these copters with pieces of equipment that give the rig and operator more versatility and control. The 8" carbon fiber propellers run by T-Motor's Anti Gravity motors give the Phantom longer flight times and stability. The Phantom's stock radio receiver is replaced with a dual antenna receiver from Futaba, which includes a T8FG super transmitter that allows you to customize flight characteristics, measure flight times, and even switch between different copter models.

Another great feature of DSLR Pros' modded copter is the 5.8 GHz FPV wireless downlink system, which streams the video feed from the attached GoPro to a portable field monitor that can be mounted to the transmitter -- or if you're really cool, video goggles are also available.

The video below gives you the full list of what the kit includes and what each piece does. Check it out below:

If you're an experienced quadcopter operator looking to upgrade or customize your rig, check out DSLR Pros' site to really get a feel for the services and products they provide. The Ultimate Edition will run you $3,926.87, however they offer kits for as low as $845, and give you the option to buy kits with or without a GoPro Hero3. If you're interested, head on over to their site.

Do you use any mods on your quadcopters? What are some you'd recommend to filmmakers with varying amounts of copter experience?

Link: Ultimate Cinema Edition Aerial Kit -- DSLR Pros