RED might have started in California, but they have been slowly expanding their presence around the globe. This is especially important as more and more new users are getting into their ecosystem (with deals like the $4,000 Battle-tested RED ONE MX). Now it looks like RED is finally opening up shop in the other filmmaking center of the country, New York City. Even though it won't be ready until sometime next year, you'll be able to order online and pick up in person at their temporary location starting next week. Click through for more details.

Here is Jarred Land on REDUser:

Well happy thanksgiving to everyone, but to our New York Friends we are especially happy to introduce Will Call Pickup for all RED products via our temporary location at 127 Grand street as our mighty NY flagship retail store continues construction nearby. 

Starting Monday, customers in NY can now pick up gear ordered on or via their BOMB SQUAD rep the very same day (pending inventory) as well as drop off items for RMA. 

Please make sure you let your rep know if you intend to pick up or drop off so they can check stock and ensure one of our NYC reps is around.

127 Grand St.
New York, NY 10013


There are some major benefits in having stores on both coasts, especially when they are in the biggest markets for production in the country. For example, since RED doesn't work with any resellers, you're buying some items blind unless you've worked with them before. If you're in the Northeast (or even a bit farther away), you'll only be a short drive or short flight from seeing all their products in person. Another big benefit besides getting to buy and pick up in person is that you'll be able to drop off items that have issues. I know I can't be the only one who gets a little nervous shipping anything across the country worth more than a few thousand dollars, so this should remove some of the variables (even if your experience shipping has been great in the past, there's always a chance something can get lost or stolen and you're out a camera or other accessory much longer than you originally thought).

According to Land's hints on the website, RED will probably be opening up more stores around the country, so those in SoCal and NYC won't be the only ones with convenient access to RED service and support.

Link: Happy Thanksgiving New York, RED Will Call is now open -- REDUser