Nauticam BMPCCThough most indie filmmakers spend the majority of their time out of the water, chances are they're going to end up submerged one way or another, whether in a pool or in the briny deep. Nauticam has just announced an underwater housing that may be of interest to fans and users of either the Blackmagic 4K, 2.5K, or Pocket Cinema Cameras -- the NA-BMCC and NA-BMPCC. Designed with tactile record trigger, handles for stabilization, as well as several mounting possibilities, these underwater housings aim at giving more control and visibility to underwater filmmakers. Continue on for more info.

Nauticam is a pretty well-known (and well-respected) player in underwater photography/cinematography, and has made housings for many, many cameras, including the RED EPIC and RED SCARLET.


Though the NA-BMCC has been around for nearly a month, the announcement of the Pocket Cinema Camera housing came just yesterday. Here's a description of the NA-BMPCC from Nauticam's site:

Key camera controls for record, focus, and lens control are placed at the grips for stable operation while filming.  A tactile trigger mechanism activates record, and is easy to operate by feel even with thick gloves.  A rubberized lens control knob, operating either zoom or focus depending upon the lens used, is placed at the left handle for fingertip control.

Integrated rubberized grips provide a comfortable, stable platform for shooting.  Handle brackets eliminate any flex when heavy video lights are used, and the handles are angled forward 15 degrees for comfortable use in the prone swimming position.

bmpcc cheeseplate

The housing was designed with mounting capability in mind. On the top of the enclosure, a cheese plate to be used in any number of mounting situations (jibs, poles, etc.), and on the bottom, dual tripod screws for mounting to a tripod or quick release plate. The handles can also be removed in case you want to switch to a shoulder rig.

The NA-BMPCC is compatible with existing Nauticam ports system for Micro 4/3 lenses.


Probably one of the coolest (and most important) things about this housing is that it allows you to access the camera's touch screen. It supports both the 4K and 2.5K versions of Blackmagic's Cinema Cameras, has a 100m depth rating, and is said to be 1/4 the size of similar underwater rigs. A new feature, which comes standard with the NA-BMCC, is the Electronic Vacuum Check and Leak Detection System.


Nauticam explains the ergonomics of the NA-BMCC:

Oversized control dials for mechanical zoom and focus are placed underneath the left handle for fingertip control. The "focus" and "iris" commands are conveniently placed for thumb access at each handle.

Touch screen controls provide menu access to key camera and exposure settings, and retract out of the way to avoid obscuring the camera's large 5" LCD. All exposure related settings are available with this touch screen system, and the mechanical controls don't interfere with viewing the large 5" LCD monitor.

Here you can see the NA-BMCC in action:

The NA-BMCC, depending on the retailer, is going to cost you around $3,600, whereas the NA-BMPCC will cost about $1,800. Check out Nauticam's site to learn more about these UW housings for Blackmagic cameras (as well as others).

What do you think? Do these Nauticam housings seem to cover a filmmakers UW recording needs? Let us know in the comments.


[via 43 Rumors]