Airbox-light-1As much as the right camera plays a role in getting cinema/professional quality images, lighting also plays is a key factor. Getting that much desired diffusion applied to your light source to avoid harsh light and bold shadows (unless that's what you're looking for), means using diffusion tools, like a soft box and/or an egg crate. Enter the Airbox inflatable softbox. News Shooter has done a great review of the Model 1x1, which works with 1x1 LEDs, offering accessories, like a honeycomb grid diffuser and puncture repair kits. Continue on to check it out.

The Airbox comes in several sizes: the Airbox Mini for on-camera lighting, the Macro for any LED between 4" and 8" wide, the Model 126 for 6"x12" LEDs, and the Model 1x1, which, as you might be able to tell by its name, fits any 1x1 LED panel. (Check out their site for light compatibility.)

The cool thing about the Airbox is that, of course, it's inflatable, which could pose serious problems should you face any fatal punctures that the repair kit can't fix. But, on the upside, they're compact and lightweight, meaning you can take them pretty much anywhere. Also, they're inexpensive!

Here's a video demonstrating how to set one of these bad boys up:

Here's News Shooter's review of the Airbox 1x1. Check it out below:

Depending on what you buy, the prices for each of these ranges from $19 (for just the egg crate) to a $130 kit. The Airbox 1x1 kit retails out to $99.99 (a kit with a grid diffuser will cost you $129.99) and is their most expensive offering. Check out their full list of products to see what fits within your price range.

What do you guys think of Airbox? Do they seem like a good diffusion option for you? Let us know in the comments.