Video thumbnail for youtube video Watch Felix Baumgartner Freefall from the Stratosphere in This New Beautiful Video from GoPro - No Film SchoolBack in 2012, Felix Baumgartner successfully become the first person to break the sound barrier outside of a vehicle in a freefall 38,969.3 metres or 127,852 feet (over 24 miles) above the Earth's surface. He reached a top speed of 1,357.64 km/h or 843.6 mph before slowing down and coming to a safe landing in New Mexico. While there is plenty of amazing POV footage out there, this new footage released by GoPro taken from the HERO2s attached to his body is as thrilling as any Hollywood action movie. Check out the breathtaking 8 minute video below:

GoPro is showing this shortened version as an ad during the Super Bowl on Sunday:

Baumgartner had a total of seven GoPro HERO2 cameras strapped to his body, and the above video used only the footage from those cameras. It would be interesting to see just what the videos might have looked like with the new HERO3 that was announced just days later. If you missed any of the original videos, here's one that takes you through more of the process:

It's remarkable the kind of videos we're getting thanks to these little cameras. But what would be even better than GoPros? Maybe on the next jump RED could strap some modified Carbon Fiber DRAGON cameras to someone so we can watch the footage in 4K. That's probably as close as you could get to being there.