Patton Oswalt might be best known as a comedian, but he also happens to be an actor (and occasionally a host of festivities). He's been in a range of productions, including a number of independent films, and that's why he's the perfect spokesperson for the INDIE-IZER, a new product that can turn any big budget Hollywood film into an endearing micro-budget indie film:

The promo, if you didn't watch all the way through or see the picture at the top, is for the 2014 Film Independent Spirit Awards, which air on IFC at 10pm Saturday, March 1st. Patton is hosting the show, and he's done a few other promos for the event:

Here is the full list of nominees for Saturday (click for larger):



Who would you like to see win? What films were your favorites from the list? What indies do you think should have been nominated?


[via Nerdist]