Freefly, who makes all sorts of stabilized aerial copters for cameras (and who is now better known as the creator of the MōVI), just got their hands on a 6K RED EPIC DRAGON, and the first thing they did was take the little guy into the sky. The team put the camera on one of their 8 rotor CineStar copters, and the resulting footage is about the smoothest you're going to see with an unmanned vehicle. Check out the gorgeous video below, which was filmed with the Tokina 11-16mm lens:

Our Red Dragon came in Friday night, we quickly prepped the CineStar for the new camera and headed out for a first flight. The fact that you can have this kind of dynamic range and resolution flying on a 20lb multi-rotor is mind blowing!

Big thanks to Ben MacDougall for the music!

And a BTS shot of the CineStar in action:

As much as I am a fan of a larger camera that has all its pieces already built, the advantage to a very small camera like the EPIC is that you can put it on a device like the CineStar and get helicopter-style aerials at a fraction of the cost. Putting a GoPro on a DJI Phantom is one thing, but being able to take a 6K camera with lots of dynamic range airborne is pretty remarkable, especially when you consider how far we've come in the last few years.