walkenChristopher Walken got kind of a raw deal. How, you ask? Well, the legendary character actor is clearly a song and dance man at heart, yet he has the body and larynx of the wackiest supervillain ever. And a gift for comedy. That's probably the reason it's so fun to watch him dance, but the truth is, no one knows. All we do know is that Walken's dancing, like the Aurora Borealis or a double rainbow, is a true wonder of nature, better experienced than analyzed. So, click through to watch one of humanity's significant achievements, as well as the best reason yet for YouTube to exist.

Walken has made many toe tapping appearances in his five decades in film, and now, because we have the most insanely advanced modern media creation and dissemination technology in history, it's only right that we (specifically Ben Craw and "crew" at Huffington Post Movie Mashups) use it to assemble five minutes of Christopher Walken dancing. Obama should give this video a medal of some sort. Okay, enough of me (here's a complete and chronological list of the dozens of films used in the impressive clip):

Until 2003, with his appearance in Fatboy Slim's video for "Weapon of Choice," most people only knew Walken as the creepiest actor in Hollywood, a man who makes Zelig-like appearances in the weirdest places:

Because of his known fondness for work, Walken has appeared in more movies than the MGM Lion (jokes!), and not all of them are like his turn in Annie Hall (and I can't see this scene, or most of his scenes, working with anyone else):

What do you think? What are some of your favorite Christopher Walken moments, dancing or non? Let us know! And bookmark this page for any time you're feeling bummed out about anything. Just a public service from your friendly No Film School.

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