If you've been looking for a tiny audio recorder with good pre-amps that you just want to give to your talent and walk away from, juicedLink may have just the thing for you. A new product from the audio company, the "Little DARling,' or Distributed Audio Recorder, is going to be introduced at NAB, and it aims to give you simple recording with two different channels (one for main and one in case the main gets blown out). Here is Robert to introduce it:

For those who don't like watching videos (or can't), here is a summary from Robert about what he wanted to create:

At NAB, I'm going to share some information on a new product we're developing.  It's a miniature audio recorder called the "Little DARling" - Distributed Audio Recorder.  The Zoom H1 is a great recorder.  But, there are times when I really don't want the internal mic because I'm just going to use a lavaliere, and I just want something really small ... like, belt-pack sized ... but those voice recorders just don't have the quality I'm looking for.

Imagine, making these filmmaker-friendly alterations to the Zoom H1 for use with a lav:

  • Chop the top internal mic off, to make it belt-pack sized (a little smaller than the Sennheiser G3 belt-pack transmitter)
  • Make the connectors locking, so the lav can't pop out
  • Add "Audio Bracketing", so you have a backup recording in post if you blow out the main track
  • Make key buttons recessed, so a user can not accidentally stop the recording or change settings as they are active and moving around ... no "butt dialing"
  • In addition to headphones, provide a "thru" connection, so the Little DARling can be a front end recorder, then drive a wireless transmitter like the Sennheiser G3 system

Some of the applications for the mini audio recorder:

  • Alternative to wireless
  • For POV/Action cams that don't record great audio
  • Good for redundant audio
  • Makes it easier to travel light
  • Discreet productions where you can't draw attention to yourself
  • Can still be used with wireless kits

If the price is low enough, it would be good to own half a dozen of these guys, especially if you've got limited audio inputs and you don't want to just mix everything down to one track. Yes, you don't have too much control when you're just setting something and leaving it, but the "audio bracketing" feature is something that every audio recorder should have at this point, and it makes it nearly foolproof to record solid audio. The biggest thing for me would be to have full-size SD cards. Those little miniature cards are an absolute pain, and can get lost even more easily than regular SD cards. If he was going to change anything, that would be my first suggestion if it can be worked into the design.

What do you think?

Link: New for NAB: Little DARling Distributed Audio Recorder -- juicedLink