wideopencamera-gopro-mount-10Wide Open Camera, who is no stranger to GoPro mounts and cages, has designed a new version with the help of Snake River Prototyping. Besides being cheaper and more modular, this mount is capable of mounting any of the GoPro cameras released in the last few years, from the HD Hero to the camera released last fall, the HERO3+. Click through for more on pricing and what the mount can do for you.


Here is a little bit about the new GoPro Mount and how much it costs:

The Wide Open Camera Mount will work with All GoPro Camera Models From The HD Hero through the newest Hero 3+. We worked with Snake River Prototyping to create the most versatile mount for the GoPro. The WOC mount is a modular system consisting of a base unit $45 US and two Arms $23 Each. The Base unit has 2-1/4" threaded mounts, 1-3/8" threaded mount and a 1/4" non threaded hole that will allow the use of a male bolt or wood screw to mount to almost anything. The Kit includes the base unit and two arms. $78.

The camera is secured with the included stainless steel mounting bolt through the GoPro underwater housing two pronged base. 

The Arms have 2-1/4" mounting threads and can be added separately or together to add additional mounting points. Each Arm is secured with two stainless steel mounting bolts, included.

We designed the Wide Open Camera Mount to be the last mount you will ever need for GoPro cameras.

Check out the links below for more information and to purchase one of your own.