There's been a lot of buzz regarding affordable 4K acquisition recently, and for good reason. How about affordable 6K? You may know Chinese manufacturer Kinefinity for its strangely familiar-looking family of cameras, but with features like simultaneous compressed and uncompressed RAW recording and very competitive pricing, it's a family with merits all its own. Our crew on the floor of NAB 2014 talked to Michel Juknat, a Kinefinity european distributor, discussing the ~$5K KineMINI 4K camera in depth and hitting upon the upcoming KineMAX 6K camera. Check out the video below -- plus some KineMINI footage from Michel himself.

Michel has also posted some great-looking footage using the very KiniMINI cameras Kinefinity has been sporting at its NAB booth -- shot in and around Vegas, of course! If you'd like any of the original footage used below, (or you just plain want to buy a Kinefinity camera) you can reach out to Michel at

Preorders for the KineMINI are ongoing at HD Videoshop, which states: "Production will start in the second half of April, and the first batch will be shipped in early May 2014." Below are pricing charts for KineMINI bodies and options.



At this point, not many of us have had the opportunity to get our hands on a Kinefinity camera, but that may certainly change over the course of this year. Given the maelstrom of camera announcements made so far this week, how do you envision incorporating a camera like the KiniMINI -- or even the KineMAX -- into your arsenal? Be sure to keep following our NAB master post for the latest from Vegas, and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.



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