AJA 4K CameraIt looks like another hardware maker has entered the camera arena. First it was Blackmagic, who mainly made recorders and broadcast hardware, introducing the Blackmagic Cinema Camera. Now we have AJA, makers of very similar products as Blackmagic, introducing a camera of their own. The camera, called the CION, will record 4K and should be priced somewhere around $9,000.

AJA 4K Camera

And another from B&H:

AJA CION 4K Breakout

Here are some more photos of the camera:

At this point it's not surprising that companies that already make most of the necessary hardware are starting to make cameras. AJA really just needed a sensor and some processing boards, and they can bolt on the rest of their hardware to the back.

For under $10,000, you're getting a global shutter 4K sensor with a PL mount, high frame rates, all flavors of ProRes on-board, and Thunderbolt. It's unclear right now if it will be capable of RAW, but we will be checking out this camera at AJA's NAB booth, so be sure to stay tuned for more on this ergonomically-friendly beast.