On October 10, 2010 (10/10/10), One Day on Earth managed to organize an event that, for the first time in history, resulted in the creation of media with participants in every country of the world within the same day. They've decided to start another 24-hour filming campaign, called "Your Day, Your City, Your Future" this time in an effort to open up the discussion on what it's like to live in certain U.S. cities, and the futures locals want for their communities -- and One Day on Earth wants you to participate by producing media that will not only be available on an interactive, geo-tagged archive, but a documentary TV series on the future of the American city as well. The shooting date is coming up fast (April 26th), so continue on to find out how you can be a part of this collaborative initiative.

One Day on Earth is inviting filmmakers, non-profits, or simply anyone who's interested, to share their stories and add their perspective on the current state of their respective cities -- the unique quirks, local beauty, and daily challenges that locals face -- in an effort to amass thousands of hours of content, which will be available to view in a geo-tagged archive, as well as on a 3-part series aimed at PBS affiliates.

Here's what One Day on Earth says about the project:

Working with a growing network of nonprofits, entrepreneurs, academics and a vast creative network (over 35,000 media creators), the YOUR DAY. YOUR CITY. YOUR FUTURE. 24-hour filming campaign ignites a collaborative effort to communicate topics related to our cities’ cultures and futures. The project uses tried-and-true methods of community building to inspire a network of doers. It builds relationships and conversations, while creating a valuable archive of media for continued use and education. The goal is not only to inform, but also to unite.

As of right now, the initiative is launching in 11 major U.S. cities: Atlanta, Boston, Detroit, Denver, Los Angeles, the Lower Rio Grande Valley, New Orleans, New York, San Diego, San Francisco, and Twin Cities. Those interested in participating need only select a city and fill out the form. If your city is not listed, don't fret! You can request that a producer from their team get in touch with you in order to bring Your Day, Your City, Your Future to your community.

To get a better understanding on what the project looks like in each city, here are a few videos from the aforementioned locales.

If you're interested in learning more about Your Day, Your City, Your Future head on over to their website.