It's impossible to get on the internet for any length of time and not be completely engulfed by the newest, funniest, most creative things people all around the world have to offer. Perhaps you remember the rash of single-take pool dunks that began sprouting up on YouTube and Vine -- well, Turkish Airlines has come out with a much more polished, sleek, and frankly, badass single-take pool dunk video for their Euroleague commercial -- I mean, this is the first such video that has a guy in a water jetpack, right? Continue on to not only check out the commercial, but the behind the scenes video to see how they pulled it all off.

Perhaps you're more familiar with this single-take pool dunk, which made its rounds on the internet about 10 months ago.

The Turkish Airlines commercial was made to advertise the Euroleague Final Four (Euroleague is a pro-level European basketball competition). The video includes 12 guys (some pro players), who must pull off a series of carefully choreographed and timed basketball passes, all of which, to follow the popular epic pool dunk model, must be done perfectly in a single take -- and of course end in a final awesome pool dunk.

The team used 1 camera, 2 cranes, a little bit of green screen, and a whole slew of takes to pull this off. Since the whole point of the ad, as well as the original Vines is to capture everything in just one take -- it's what makes the dunk so epic. So, as you can imagine, a single slip up meant the team would have to reset everything and try again. To see how these creatives pulled it off, take a look at the behind the scenes video below.

And, of course, here's the finished product -- the pool dunk to end all pool dunks!

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