When it comes to sliders, edelkrone has really made a name for themselves with the super portable SliderPLUS, and to make it a true microcosmic powerhouse they've introduced motion capture and time-lapse tools, the Wizard and Craft Modules. However, edelkrone is upping the ante once again by combining the slider control of the Wizard and time-lapse capabilities of the Craft into an all-in-one device, the Action Module, which aims at allowing filmmakers to complete a wider range of cinematographic tasks (especially when used with the innovative Target Module), while still offering the simplicity and portability the company is known for.

Edelkrone made a huge splash at NAB 2013 with their Target Module, which smoothly tracks subjects, panning and moving around a certain distance that can be set beforehand. It took the SliderPLUS to a new level in motion control, but there was still more to be desired. Enter the Wizard and Craft Modules, which, at the time, were welcomed additions to the rig as a whole, but their separate, particular tasks made moving your camera more restrictive and less efficient.

So, edelkrone combined the capabilities of both of these modules into a single one, the Action Module, which allows users to complete a wider range of tasks, including recorded motion control, time-lapse, stop motion, and macro videography.

This video from the company shows you how it works:

The Action Module's design is nearly identical to the previous two. It mounts to the SliderPLUS easily, has two spots for compatible batteries (Canon LP-E6, Panasonic CGA-D54, and Sony NP-FV), the single 5-way button, and incorporates a similar digital display found on the Craft module. It's compatible with both the SliderPLUS and SliderPLUS PRO, and as you might expect, the Action Module can be combined with the Target Module's object-tracking capabilities to achieve some really advanced camera moves.

Here's a video that details what the Target Module can do:

There are definitely limits to the Action Module, but what it may lose in pro sophistication and in-depth customization, it gains in simplicity and ease-of-use -- which is good news for beginners, intermediates, and those who just don't like programming!

The Action Module is scheduled to begin shipping in 4 weeks and retails at $800 -- it's definitely no small investment for many of us (though, filmmaking isn't cheap). But head on over to edelkrone's site to learn more about their new Action Module and all of its specifications and features.

Link: Action Module -- Edelkrone

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