sliderplus-v2-mediumHow do you make a slider smaller and more portable without losing travel distance? That's exactly what edelkrone figured out how to do with their SliderPLUS, and they are now introducing a brand new version called the SliderPLUS V2 that aims to improve on many aspects of the original, while still providing small size and long travel. Check out some videos showing off the new V2 slider below, and if you order it or any other edelkrone items by today, there is free shipping worldwide.

Here are some test shots and the behind the scenes:

Here's what's new in the V2 version:

Moving with a slider setup on the set can be tricky (and even dangerous) so locking it has to be fast and simple. That's what we did with the new SliderPLUS.

The New SliderPLUS comes with 1/4'' to 3/8'' converters, providing changeable mounting options.Thus, you can now mount both types of tripods to SliderPLUS.

The new SliderPLUS is designed with esthetics in mind. So it fits and looks better in your production environment. Color change, hidden wheels, more unified look...

Delrin wheels working on aluminum rails give more silent and smoother results which is crucial for many productions.


The SliderPLUS V2 comes in two versions: small and medium. The small V2 is 1.3 feet long and will run you $500, while the medium V2 is 2 feet long and costs $600. There isn't another slider on the market quite like this design, and assuming they've worked out some of the kinks from the original design, this should be another interesting option to add to your kit.

Again, if you order by today, edelkrone will ship worldwide completely free. You can read more about the slider over on their website, and also check out all of the other gear they make.

Link: SliderPLUS V2 -- edelkrone