Canon 7D Body OnlyWhile we recently saw a dramatic drop in price for the Canon C300, another Canon camera is getting a significant price reduction. This time it's the Canon 7D, which is now being offered for just $1,000. The APS-C camera has seen a ton of use for both filmmaking and photography since its introduction in 2009, and was even given some extra life as a RAW-shooting DSLR with the Magic Lantern video hack (It's also capable of up to 2.5K RAW in a cropped shooting mode). There have been plenty of rumors, but does this drop mean a 7D Mark II is on its way very soon?


While the camera's price has fluctuated a bit in the last year or two, $1,000 is the lowest it has ever been for just the body. If you're looking for a lens in addition to the body, it's also available with the 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS USM for $1,100. The 7D might be rather old at this point, but the image quality from newer Canon DSLRs in this range isn't significantly better (if at all), though they may have a few new features like autofocus during video. The 7D still stands out because it was originally designed as a pro APS-C camera, so it is built much stronger and is more resistant to weather than the lower-end Rebel series.

So is this new low price indicative of a newer model coming soon? It's definitely possible, as there have been some recent rumors suggesting that the replacement may be announced as early as September, and has apparently been used during the World Cup. Rumors are rumors for a reason, and until press releases and press photos are leaked, we can't be positive when we might see the next model or what will be in it. Either way, five years is a long time for any piece of technology, so a replacement this fall wouldn't be that surprising.

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