Do you watch hours upon hours of shows and movies on Netflix? Wish you could get paid for all that time you log? Turns out the company is looking for people to do exactly this as part of their recommendation system for viewers. In a new job listing, Netflix is seeking people just like you who can watch and analyze both movies and TV shows, and then describe them with tags before they start streaming to the general public. Here's a video that breaks it all down:

The one catch is that this listing is only for those living in the UK and Ireland, so the rest of us are out of luck to get in on what seems like a dream job:

Successful applicants will be responsible for watching and analyzing films and TV programmes that will be streaming on Netflix in the future. The tagger will deconstruct the films and programmes and describe them using objective tags. 

This “tagging process” is the first stage of the Netflix recommendation system and works in concert with advanced algorithms that generate highly personalized suggestions for every one of Netflix’s nearly 50 million members, offering them an individualized set of titles matching their tastes.

Today actually caught up with one of these taggers in the US, who works part-time for Netflix and still has time to pursue writing:

After the requisite cup [of coffee] has been consumed, Harty sets up shop at a workstation in his bedroom in the apartment he shares with a roommate. He parks himself in his ergo chair — a necessary tool of the trade — in front of his two-screen setup. On the right screen he opens the online tool that has the data that Netflix is collecting, and on the left he cues up one of the titles he’s been assigned to watch.

Though the job requires hours of screen time, he’s not sitting there in sweatpants snacking on foods filled with trans fats. Harty says he's careful to stay focused and engaged while breathing in the ocean air through the window of his Venice Beach apartment.

“I know this is not real work," he says. "But I’m proud of it and I’m proud of the quality. I keep in mind that I’m working and not slacking off. My mindset is that it’s still work and I’m at a desk.”

Head on over to the Netflix site if you'd like to apply.