Mac-App-Store-Explore-Your-Creativity-Screenwriting-Promotion-croppedApple is running an Explore Your Creativity promotion in the Mac App Store. That means for a limited time, you can buy several screenwriting apps at 50% off their regular prices. If you're looking for more minimalist screenwriting tools, now would be the time to check out Highland or Slugline. If you've wanted to pick up Final Draft 9, but stayed away because of the sticker shock, 50% off may be the right price for you. You can even pick up Scrivener at half off. The Explore Your Creativity promotion in the Mac App Store is only for a limited time, though, and Apple is playing coy with the deadline.

I've used Final Draft extensively, but I plan to use Slugline in conjunction with Highland for my next screenplay because I'm looking for a more streamlined, minimalist approach as I write my first draft. Personally, I need a little more formatting than just a plain text editor. As much as I like the concept of Fountain as a markup language, I still appreciate some automatic formatting on the screen, and I like Slugline's intuitive approach to identifying screenplay elements as I write. Highland will work nicely when I decide to migrate the script from Slugline to Final Draft to use production tools. Check out our previous NFS posts about both Highland and Slugline to learn more about both of these apps and their features (like Highland's ability to melt PDFs into plain text and convert screenplays to different file formats, including Fountain, PDF, and Final Draft .fdx).

I've heard that many screenwriters appreciate Scrivener for organizing their story ideas. While it's not technically a screenwriting app, if you're in the market for a broader writing app that you can also use in conjunction with your screenwriting tools, Scrivener at half-off its regular price may be the solution you need.

During the Explore Your Creativity promotion, all four of these screenwriting apps are 50% off. That means you can buy Highland for $14.99, Slugline for $19.99, Scrivener for $22.99 and Final Draft 9 for $124.99. But remember, this is a limited time only promotion at the Mac App Store. And we have no idea how limited that time will be.