Rokinon LensesFor the past few years, Rokinon lenses, which are manufactured in Korea by parent company Samyang, have been widely popular with the new generation of DSLR filmmakers, largely because of their affordability. The manufacturer then hit a home run when they began to introduce cine versions of their most popular primes, with de-clicked apertures and built-in focus gears. For anybody wanting a full set of their cine primes, however, there was one massive problem. There's a 24mm, a 35mm, and an 85mm -- all with a constant T/1.5 aperture -- but no 50mm to round out the set. For many people, myself included, this glaring omission prevented us from investing in a set of these lenses. Luckily, Rokinon has just announced that a 50mm T/1.5 will be officially introduced at Photokina 2014 in roughly three weeks, much to the delight of low budget filmmakers everywhere.

Although there aren't any official details yet, there are a few spec sheets for the new 50mm T/1.5 floating around on the web.

rokinon 50mm

Like the previous Rokinon cine primes, the 50mm T/1.5 will come in just about every mounting flavor you can imagine, including popular options like Canon EOS, Nikon, and Micro 4/3. The lens will be able to cover full frame sensors as well.

According to Rokinon's Facebook page, the 50mm lenses will arrive at dealers around September 15th -- it even looks like some have it available for pre-sale. And how much will it be selling for? Well, it looks like you can get your hands on it for $549.

We'll keep you updated as more information about the lens comes in.

Link: Samyang 50mm T1.5 (f1.4) just announced -- Cinema5D