You may already be familiar with putting cameras on spinning objects and what the footage looks like afterwards, but a recent video of a GoPro duct-taped to a car tire is pretty fantastic, as long as it doesn't make your head spin too much. Ryan Fox, creating a video for a summer course, decided to rig the camera to his car one night, and the results are simply gorgeous.

Ryan Fox explained how he rigged the camera for the video, which was shot for his University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee 'Video Sketchbook' summer film course:

Believe it or not just duct tape. Tested it on slower roads at first and the camera wasn't budging so I took it in the city going 45mph.

My first thought when it really gets going is jumping to hyperspace in Star Wars, so if you're trying to get a low-budget space effect, this would be an interesting place to start. I think the low-end rhythmic sound of the tire spinning also helps give it that sci-fi feel. What's fascinating about the video is that each frame isn't necessarily that interesting, and the compression is really doing a number on those frames, but in motion, it all comes together really beautifully. The rolling shutter of the GoPro is likely contributing to the effect a great deal -- so this is a situation where a global shutter may not actually have been as interesting-looking.

Check out more of Ryan's videos over on his Vimeo page.

Link: Ryan Fox -- Vimeo

[via Fast Company & Reddit]